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Taiwan Reminiscence

Director & choreographer│Shih Wan-chi, Wang His-chung
Premiere on Dec. 12, 2020

For many years, Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe, as the representative of the Overseas Community Affairs Council, has been toured in many countries and cities. Taiwan Reminiscence is one of the pieces that we created for the tours. It will be a tour in 14 cities along the west line of the US and Canada in the future; to demonstrates the essence of Taiwan culture.


Inspired by the creative and diverse ethnical culture of Taiwan, the performance fuses traditional acrobatics with dance, drama, folk arts. It incorporates Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and Indigenous music as well as Taiwan’s diverse cultural and natural scenes; to present the audience with the unique faces of Taiwan seen in journeys away from home, nostalgic cities, and energetic festivals.

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