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Over the Top

Over the years, Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe has been invited to perform at art festivals by the central and local governments, especially those to promote traditional folk arts. In the autumn of the year 2020, The Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government, has invited the troupe to perform at Nan Ying International Folklore Festival, a festival used to invite folklore art groups from countries all over the world. Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe demonstrates the superb skills and beauty of traditional acrobatic acts, including LED hula hoops, LED water meteors, LED cube juggling, and, the most astonishing, LED stacking chairs, a magnificent acrobatic group acting with chairs. Furthermore, scattered ladder pole(散梯竿), carrying high poles (高竿), living bicycle pyramids (飛車羅漢), human pyramids, and the ultimate chair tower, all blow the audience's minds.

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