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In Taiwan, when it comes to “acrobatic arts”, Li Tang-Hua could be the first name that occurred to our mind. Li was the person who carried forward this traditional folk art in Taiwan after World War II. He was also the one who urged to establish an official Taiwan professional acrobatic troupe in 1990, and it then became Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe as we know it now.  


​For the past 30 years, Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe, inheriting the superb acrobatic skills from Li Tang-Hua and other Taiwanese traditional folk-art antecessors, has cultivated the art deeply to create a performing style with both traditional and innovative spirits. Almost every year, the troupe has been assigned to be the delegation of intercultural communication or to perform for diplomatic occasions. Recently, Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe has been perusing to cooperate with pioneer artists from different fields expecting to expand the artistic path based on the essence of acrobatic arts. As the traditional folk acrobatic arts successor, the troupe moves with the times and is walking to the future.

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兩位藝術家,編舞家董怡芬與導演陳彥斌 Fangas Nayaw共同創立。



Fist & Cake Production was founded by choreographer I-Fen Tung and stage director Fangas Nayaw. Fascinated by the taxis and movement of "people" in "society" and "nature", the group continues to explore the natural world, aiding humans in society to voice their whims out loud. Fist & Cake Production was founded to extract the inner foundations of performing arts, to explore the diversity of the ever-growing, ever-moving contemporary arts. Their spectrum of work includes but is not limited to: theater, dance, exhibition, installations, sounds, multimedia, film and text; presentations are displayed using mixed diverse materials.

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