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Life is like a song
Lyrics and melodies weave tales of memorable moments and stories. 
While acrobats portray the myriad facets of life and interpret the stories of others on stage.

What about the moments that are deeply personal to them?

This is a multidisciplinary production that combines acrobatics and popular music. Set against the backdrop of well-known songs, it delves into the life journeys of acrobats. Collaborating with popular singers, the production features emotionally charged live vocal performances, creating a powerful synergy between “Body” and “Vocal”, and weaving the tapestry of genuine emotions that exist in life.

Popular singers from different countries have been invited to this cross-disciplinary collaboration. Their love for Taiwanese music has brought them into this performance, with the hope of showcasing Taiwan to the world and fostering cultural exchange on an international scale. This collaboration between the arts and pop culture spheres expands horizons, elevates each other, and broadens their respective audience bases. It also inspires future acrobatic talents by showcasing the spectacular fusion and endless possibilities arising from the collision of traditional acrobatics and various performing arts.

Since our first collaboration with Rambo in 2018 for "Unbending", we have nurtured five new acrobatic directors, which garnered enthusiastic acclaim. This year, the "BODY VOCAL LIFE", under the Higher Education Sprout Project, once again joins forces to transcend the boundaries of acrobatic performance. It aims to cultivate a new generation of acrobatic directors who will leverage the unique physicality and skills of acrobats and employ visual technology to create multilayered and dynamic stage spaces. Through popular music and moving vocal performances, the production unveils the most subtle thoughts, unwavering determination, and enduring perseverance of acrobats, crafting a large-scale, intergenerational, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary acrobatic performance.

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