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The renowned choreographer in the entertainment industry has worked with top-tier artists such as Jolin Tsai, Wilber Pan, Cyndi Wang, JJ Lin, and 5566. His expertise includes large-scale events planning, creative design for concerts, custom song design for singers, physical rhythm training, and delivering talks. His philosophy is that "life is a dance."

Director|Enkore Liu

Project organizer at Stars Entertainment CO., LTD., which have initiated and organized numerous dance competitions and event platforms, aiming to promote popular dance to a wider audience. Leveraging his extensive stage experience and skills in photography and video production accumulated over the years, he has successfully integrated dance documentation with various business collaborations, thereby enhancing the value of the dance industry. Through their meticulous event planning, they have been able to create dance art in various unique forms and preserve them as classic works of art.


Director|Chen Hsiang-song 

Graduated from the National Taiwan University of Sport - Department of Sports Dance

Artistic Director of FunTo Art​​


He has continuously brought street culture into theaters, creating classic programs and developing new artistic forms. He has been dedicated to promoting the popularization of art and culture, initiating new aesthetic trends, thereby expanding the realm of human aesthetics and advancing the extension of art and culture. Within the works created by Chen Hsiang-song, art becomes accessible and enjoyable, no longer confined to exclusive domains. Bold innovation shapes classic pop trends, and the concept of integrating art into life is carried out, allowing people to experience the joy that art brings into their lives.

Costume Design|Yen, Chun-Ling

Graduated from the Department of Dance at the National Taiwan University of Arts

Costume design and makeup for various major concert performers

Music and Projection Design|Shen Ju-an

Graduated from the Department of Information Management at Shih Hsin University.

Owner of Box Hill Co., Ltd.

With 17 years of experience in music arrangement, 14 years in video post-production, and 2 years in video shooting.


Wave Entertainment was founded in August 2007. 'Wave' represents a massive gathering of energy. It symbolizes infinity and the unrestricted, unboxed creativity and aesthetics. 'Entertainment' represents that the work spirit is not only to entertain ourselves but also to entertain the public, sparking an endless stream of creativity throughout the entertainment process.

Wave Entertainment's business scope includes all aspects related to popular culture, comprising a diversified array such as music, dance, fashion, educational training, and sports. It has always adhered to the concept of 'life in dance, dance in life,' continuously putting it into practice and innovation. Besides collaborating with well-known artists, the company has integrated music production and dance choreography with drama and art, allowing the team to become more mature and outstanding.

Furthermore, it frequently serves as judges and performers or take on production roles in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia, engaging in various job roles. Under the leadership of Rambo, the team continuously breaks through and progresses, and looking forward to joining forces with pioneers from diverse fields in the future, creating different sparks and innovations.

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